The £99 Elonex One Laptop: Basically British OLPC Without the Innovation

Brit PC maker Elonex is developing the Elonex, a PC meant to run in the same range as the OLPC. It'll have Wi-Fi, a flash HDD, a Linux OS, a rugged case, wireless music server and weigh less than a kilo. The price? About £99 (about $211). Of course, they're doing it for the kids and not the PR. Elonex?

Unlike the OLPC which for 400 buys one for yourself and one for some kid in an underdeveloped country, for every 100 Elonex cheapies sold, the company will donate one.

This space is getting crowded. Looking at the Elonex website and noticing a lack of strong products, I'm curious if they're even developing this machine themselves. Asus made the EEE, OLPC has tons of innovation, and no doubt Intel put a bit of engineering muscle behind Classroom. I believe the intentions are well placed here, but you can't help but notice the PR lift a move like this brings. [Elonex via ZDUK]

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