Sony Makes Tiny 3-Inch Bravia TV XDV-D500, Won't Allow It to Travel Outside Japan

Sony's latest, smallest member of the Bravia LCD TV family is, sadly for fans of multicoloured rabbits, destined only for Japan. Shame, as the XDV-D500 sounds good. Find out just how good under the gallery.


With its Bravia Mobile Engine, the 3-inch, 432 × 240 pixel TV supports 1seg broadcasts and has a 500:1 contrast ratio. Its built-in recording function fits 10 hours onto 2GB of internal memory, and it can also detect delayed programming. It even has an FM/AM radio and stereo speakers in its diminutive 2.3 x 3.9 x 0.6-inch frame. Available in both black and white, the XDV-D500 will be released in April for ¥38,000 (around $400) [AV Watch]

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