Sleek Zojirushi Rizo Rice Cooker Is for Dumb Westerners

Japanese rice cookers are so much better than the crappy American knockoffs I've dealt with that also purport to perform other, multiple feats of kitchen magic, but do so miserably. So I'm pretty stoked that Zojirushi is prepping a Western rice cooker invasion with a designed-for-whitey model, the Rizo. (I love rice.)

It also cooks risotto (told ya it's for whitey), which it should, for $175, though I suspect a lot of the price is in its steely, modern aesthetic. Seriously though, why have these never caught on in the states before now? It's a major convenience over the long-ass standard method (and doesn't like Uncle Ben's) and makes way more sense than a dedicated bagel toaster.

AU: I'd put money doen that this on't come to Australia. Still, it's nice to know that the Japanese are looking to make some money from us westerners.

[Shinkichi via Trends in Japan]

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