Russian Scientists Claim Secrets of Time Travel to Be Unlocked Later This Year

Time travel may be possible! But probably not! And even if so, not for a long time! But time travel guys, time travel!

Some Russian mathematicians claim that when the atom-smashing machine at the European Particle Physics Centre near Geneva opens for business at the end of April, one of the results of wee particles being smashed together at insane speeds could be a rip in the fabric of time itself, allowing for tiny particles to jump in time. If we figure out how to hold open said rip, maybe, just maybe, we could go back or forward in time. Finally, a way to make it so that bully at school is never born! Although look out, he might be destined to be a general in the upcoming robots vs. humans war and wiping him out of existence might doom humanity for ever. Or not, you never can tell with these things.

In any case, once we figure out the simple process of ripping the fabric of space open we could presumably then shrink the technology down enough to fit it into an impractical car and have a series of wacky adventures that turn out well for everybody in the end. I can't wait! [Neatorama]

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