RIP: Gizmodo AU’s Server 1… You’ll be Sorely Missed

At approximately 10:30am on Friday morning, our dear and well-loved friend Server 1 passed away. Cause of death is yet to be determined.

The full extent of Server1’s loss is still yet to be felt, with site outages, loss of search and missing stories all prevalent over the weekend. Things should now be back to normal, although the empty feeling inside us will take much longer to go away.

Server 1 was a good friend to many, loved by all and hated by few. It is succeeded by the new and improved Server 1a, which looks forward to a long and prosperous time ahead with Gizmodo AU.

Server 1’s family has requested that instead of flowers, donations be made to the Gizmodo AU editor local children’s hospital.

Rest in Peace, old friend. you’ll be sorely missed…