Ricoh Updates Its Compact Camera Series With the R8 and R50

Above is Ricoh's new R8 compact camera, a successor to last year's R7, packing a 7x optical zoom along with a 10 megapixel sensor with CCD-shift image stabilization. It also has a 1:1 square image capture mode, for that medium-format feel, a 2.7-inch LCD, and captures images up to ISO 1600. Also new is the R50, limited to a 5x zoom, but with the same sensor and image stabilisation. More info below the gallery.


The R8 is a redesign of the older R7, with an aluminum body, higher resolution viewing screen and Smoothing Imaging Engine version III. It takes SD and SDHC cards, and shoots VGA at 30 frames per second, in AVI format. Measuring 101 x 25 x 58mm and weighing about 180 grams, it's available March in silver or black for around US$460.

The R50 meanwhile has a zoom limited to an equivalent of 35mm to 180mm, and a lower res LCD (230 kilopixels, versus the 460 kilopixels of the R8). It does retain the same imaging components, though in a slightly slimmer 96.5 x 23 x 56mm package. Also out in March, for about US$280.

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