PSP 2200mAh Battery Pack Lets You Get Your Game On For 11-Hours

The PSP is becoming a formidable platform with gaming, Skype, music and video all under the hood, but what if the standard battery does not cut it? Sony Japan has just announced a 2200 mAh battery pack for the PSP slim, which will allow up to 7-11 hours of continuous gaming and 7-11 hours of video playback.

That will be enough to see you through almost any journey, unless you're trekking the Antarctic solo. The battery itself does not sit flush with the PSP, but how are you going to complain when the longevity is jazzed-up to super-battery status? It will be priced at 5,500 Yen ($57) and will go on sale in Japan on March 19th. A State side release has not been confirmed at present. [Uberreview via Newlaunches]

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