Polaroid Instant Digital Picture Frame Is the Only Frame I Want

The Polaroid instant digital picture frame is just that, a digital screen in the shape and size of an old Polaroid instant photo (my favourite.) It may not seem as ingenious as the Digital Jewel Box, but we can't resist its retro charm, and the possibility of writing messages on its dry erase surface. Not to talk about pinning them to a cork board or the way it shows the images themselves.

polaroid01.jpgOnce you put the flash memory card in you can select to way to show your photos. The standard one works like any other picture frame. The classic one, however, is the one that I would be using: using this the photos fade from white to the picture in one minute, imitating the real Polaroid instant photo process.

Sadly, it's just a concept, but Polaroid should get to work on this as soon as possible instead of doing crappy me-too picture frames and other assorted digital stuff. [Ironic Sans via Gizmodo ES]

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