Update: Pioneer to End 42-Inch Plasma Display Production

Update: Pioneer to End 42-Inch Plasma Display Production

Pioneer is ending its production of 42-inch plasma displays, as the company hopes to focus all its attention on producing 50-inch models instead. Specifically, Pioneer will be closing the Kagoshima plant in Japan by March 2009, when it will then be put up for sale. So, if you’re interested in a factory producing 42-inch displays, you’re in luck. Pioneer will continue selling the smaller units, but will purchase parts from Hitachi to meet the demand for sub 50-inch plasmas.

Update: Pioneer has released an official statement, which also ties in to the rumours of them releasing LCD TVs. They say:

On Feb. 23, 2008, the Asahi newspaper carried out an article regarding Pioneer’s plasma display business, in particular the news that Pioneer would be ceasing production of its 42 inch plasma TV.

Please note that this article was not based on any announcement from Pioneer or an interview with the Asahi newspaper. Instead, this article was formed on the basis of the journalist’s speculation.Following this news, there has already been plenty of international and local media innuendo as to what Sudo will announce on March 7th

Pioneer Corp has announced that on March 7th President Sudo will address the international media with a promising global announcement on the future of the business.

While its common in our industry for the media to speculate on upcoming global announcements, Pioneer has no further comment or announcement until March 7th.

So I guess we’ll see what’s happening on the 7th March. I just hope they don’t to withdraw from Australia…[Reuters]