Philips Patents Electric Wallpaper, For Your Socket Convenience

The eggheads at Philips research department have filed a patent for wallpaper that's embedded with conducting metal strips so you can hook up electrical items anywhere on the wall. Don't worry though: having a leak from the upstairs apartment or hammering in a nail won't kill you as it offers a range of voltages for low powered devices only.

The idea is that your devices have a "plug" with sharp pins at different spacings, to pick up the correct voltage offered by the concealed wires. You'd just push the plug onto the wallpaper, it would make contact and remain in place either via the pins, or adhesively. Philips believes the idea could extend to ceiling and floor coverings too, basically letting you plug in stuff anywhere. Maybe they could combine it with this light-up wallpaper for a fully electric-wall experience. [New Scientist via Physorg]

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