Pee On The Toilet Seat Without Fear Of Reprisal Thanks To Aussie Science

toilet.jpgHow many of you actually clean the toilet? How many of you have a loving partner who does it for you? I thought so. Well, You can say goodbye to those angry sighs, muffled curses and questions of your ability to shoot straight. Australian scientists have come up with a coating containing miniature robots nanoparticles that will take over the scrubbing, washing and disinfecting of your bathroom.

The coating contains tiny particles of titanium dioxide, which gets very excited by UV light - so much so that they can break down organic compounds and kill bacteria like E. coli. I'm not sure if anyone has noted that a human's backside is made of an organic compound though, so you'd be using this at your own risk.

In any case, the result of exciting these particles is an oxidising energy which far surpasses that of your standard bathroom cleaner, bleach. And that means that no matter how hot the curry, your toilet is always going to look and smell sparkling fresh.

[BBC News via TFOT]

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