Panasonic Updates 103-inch Plasma, Still Charging US$70,000 For It

Panasonic's badass 103-inch Plasma TV might have been shown up at CES by an even more retardedly-gigantic set, but that doesn't mean that Panny has forgotten its roots.

What can we expect from this new 103-inch model?

Better wall mount configuration, improved video processing technology, anti-Reflective coating, enhanced wireless presentation capabilities, more versatile media card readability, and a dual HDMI board came as a standard feature.

That all sounds well and good, but you've got to wonder if the people who originally dropped $70,000 a year or two ago are going to feel bitter about this product refresh with more features for the same price. Yeah, I know it's just part of consumer electronics, but when you're dropping that kind of coin on a TV, you don't want to see a better version come out a mere year later. Then again, if they could afford it then, they've probably already upgraded to a 150-inch model and relegated the 103-inch model to the kitchen or something. [Slashgear via Crave]

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