Old News Alert: Dymocks Sells the Iliad eBook Reader

iliad.pngI just realised that while I was looking back through the archives for eBook readers for the post on eReader.com's 17000 non-DRM'd eBooks that nobody actually covered Dymocks' launch of the Iliad eReader and eBook store last December for Giz AU. Well, rest assured, I'm here to cover all the old news that didn't get covered before I started.

The Iliad, like the Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader, uses e-ink technology to display easy-to-read text on its screen. It's about the same size as an A5 sheet of paper, weighs 389 grams and has 128MB of internal storage, which is upgradeable via the SD card slot.

Unlike those two readers, you can make notes on the Iliad's screen using its stylus, and it plays back a wide range of ebook formats, including the mobipocket format used by Dymocks.

The downside of this wonderful (and old) news is that it costs $899. Oh, and Dymocks aren't really offering their ebooks cheaply, either. So, while we finally have an ereader option here in Australia that uses the e-ink technology, you need to pay through the nose for it. Are you really that surprised?




    I know, I am so sick of being ripped off by Australian retailers for things like this (and clothes, DVDs, etc. I'm now buying everything overseas and bypassing places like Dymocks. If they dropped their prices to something reasonable, I think they might have more of a future.

    wtf - Dymocks also appear confused about the whole online eBook process, claiming 1-6 weeks to deliver a 400kB eBook. I wonder if they're using black pigeons for ones and white pigeons for zeros as a transmission medium?

    I'd also like it if they were clearer about the book vs study guide difference, a lot of their cheaper eBooks are of the form "Book Title" by "Author" and the description says "A study guide for Book Title". So, am I buying the book or the study guide?

    While the Iliad2 may be a little pricier than its competitors, its important to point a few features that make it stand out:
    - The screen is 2 inches bigger than all the other ebook readers. I cant even imagine reading anything on a 6 inch screen!
    - Stylus = keyboard capability which make the Iliad2 a WHOLE lot easier to use, configure etc.
    -CF, SD AND USB memory card ports
    - And most importantly, i-Rex Technologies offer an SDK that opens the opportunity to port any linux application to the Iliad2, and theres already a stack application ready for use, including FBReader!!!

    BIG iliad2 fan,


    I'd bet the 1-6 weeks is just some disconnect in their website text - they could not actually mean it?

    To avoid the rip-off, or at least put it off for a while you can use http://www.booksinmyphone.com to read books on your mobile phone - free. It is much better than I thought it would be. It's nice to be able to do something new and useful with my phone.

    I absolutely hate the whole pricing of anything to do with ebooks. The cheapest reader costs over $200 and the ebooks themselves nearly cost the same price as a new book. Hell, most books are way cheaper at second hand stores anyway.

    Damn Bookchan for supplying me so many ebooks as I am sick of reading off of my laptop.

    Ah, Dymocks ebooks are more expensive than the paper ones for the most part. They seem to have a "never less than" policy and often assume you'd buy the hardback or trade paperback instead of waiting for the standard version. $30 for a novel? I'd rather read Gizmodo comments...

    D, it's not the price per se so much as $US699 costing about $AUS750, so even including shipping $799 would sound reasonable. Not very competitive with the Kindle or EEPC, but at least not a complete rip off.

    To me the price point should be closer to $300 unless they link the built in cell modem up to my bluetooth headset so I can use it as a phone as well as email and reading books. Pity the Iliad doesn't do any of that but the $399 Kindle is moving in that direction.

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