Oh, What a Feeling, When I'm Driving On The Ceiling


I won't lie to you – I'm a little bit disappointed the US team didn't pick this up from their time at the Toy Fair 2008 in New York. I mean come on – The Air Hogs Zero Gravity is a remote controlled car that can drive not only around the hallways of your home, but also up the walls and, get this, even on the ceiling.

Imagine the hilarity of strapping a rubber spider, rolled up in string, held down by a simple remote control catch – you could drive it up onto the ceiling, hit the release, and piss yourself as a fake spider falls into an unsuspectings hair. Of course, the car probably wouldn't be able to just sit on the roof with the weight of the spider, but I can dream, can't I?

It hits stores in the UK in July for the 30 quid (or $65). As always, no word on an Australian release.


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