Now Available: The Ugliest Mobile Phone Ever Created

Not only does this Givori Serendipity phone look like it was designed by some sort of ADD-afflicted, semi-retarded Midwestern housewife at a forced-labour craft fair, but it costs US$3,100. Hell, I'd pay that much to make sure I never become friends with anyone who would use this thing.

Luckily, that probably won't be an issue, as there are only going to be 50 of them made, each "meticulously handcrafted to ensure that no two phones are alike." Essentially, they're just normal phones that have been horribly bedazzled, as you can choose between either a Nokia 8800 Arte or a Nokia N76, neither of which are worth anywhere near US$3,100 in their much better, uncrapified states (although that 8800 Arte ain't cheap). The sad thing? These things will definitely sell out, because people are dumb. [Khaleej Times via Luxury Launches]

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