Nokia N82 Smartphone Reviewed In Depth (Verdict: High-end Hotness)

Nokia's N82, which is essentially their high end N95 in a candybar body may cost US$550, but WirelessInfo found that the slightly high price tag gets you what you paid for. Here's a summary of WiInf had to say.

The camera's not as good as the N95's, but it's still great. Audio quality is good, keypad is "fiddly", messaging isn't as good as a BB or a Windows Mobile phone, solid battery life, no US 3G (yet), and good GPS/FM functionality. In the end, it's up to you whether you can justify a $550 price tag for a non-touchscreen phone without support for 3G in the US.

AU: I'm waiting to hear back from Nokia on the local price, but I can tell you that when it does launch in Oz, it definitely will have 3G. HSDPA, even.

[Wireless Info]

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