Nokia GPS Phones to Fight the Traffic Plague

Nokia has developed software that allows data to be received from GPS enabled phones, which is then compiled and interpreted into traffic flow patterns, which is kinda similar to what Dash GPS units offer. However, these plans are currently at concept stage, with a demonstration recently taking place as a joint venture between Nokia, California Center for Innovative Transportation (CCIT), CalTrans, and Berkeley's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

AU: Also sounds very similar to the agreement between TomTom and Vodafone in some European countries. Can't wait to see this integrated into traffic systems here in Australia

The data sent back from each test car logged the vehicle's speed and location via an on board N95 handset, this information was then sent to a central control station, which in turn relayed the relevant travel alerts. Nokia are quick to point out that their technology has an economical benefit over similar systems, mainly because it relies solely on technology people already own. Given the soon-to-be ubiquitous nature of GPS enabled mobile phones, we would have to agree with Nokia's observation. Rest your privacy woes aside; the information sent will be completely anonymous. Nokia seem to be making a big effort in this field, and it certainly sounds like a win, win to us—go ahead and checkout the video at CNet. [CNet]

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