Niveus Upgrades Media Storage Servers to 2, 4TB

The high end (read: super expensive) Niveus Storage Server and Storage Server Pro doesn't just act as a file dump for your movies—any network attached storage can do that—it interfaces with much of your networked media equipment as well.

Here are the key features:

Available in a 2TB or 4TB modular design Audio/Video Form Factor with Rack-Mount Option Reflection™ Data Mirroring for auto updating remote server(s) with master server uPnP Media Server for playback of media content via UPnP-compatible devices Easy-to-use interface via Niveus Client PC Software Access media from anywhere on the home network Always-on operation Automatic Backup; Digital Media & Documents Advanced File Searching: Database Indexing, Meta Data Lookup Unique Family Member Login Individual Remote Access via Secure Login Silent Operation - fanless & anti-vibration technology throughout Low Power Consumption Software Feature & Security Updates via Internet Download RAID 0 or RAID 5

And as you've seen before, Niveus does high quality, high-end media center stuff, so if you're one of those people (rare, even among Gizmodo readers) that can only get the most expensive choices for their home entertainment system, here's something for you. it's US$2999 for the 2TB and US$5999 for the 4TB Pro. Not for the poor among us. [Niveus]

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