Nintendo Wiimote, Make My Day

inside.jpgThe Wiimote is alright and everything, but what good is all the motion control in the world if you can't pistol-whip player 2? This Colt .45 Wiimote mod doesn't make the Wiimote fire bullets, but with this much "gunmetal" aluminium plate, the police will goomba-stomp your ass before you can say "Duck Hunt" anyway.

colt .45 wiimote 1.jpgcolt .45 wiimote 10.jpgcolt .45 wiimote 3.jpgcolt .45 wiimote 4.jpgcolt .45 wiimote 6.jpgcolt .45 wiimote 8.jpgcolt .45 wiimote sensor bar.jpgcolt .45 wiimote 9.jpgcolt .45 wiimote 7.jpgcolt .45 wiimote 5.jpgcolt .45 wiimote 2.jpg


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