New NYC Condom Dispensers Are Flying Pucks of Prophylactics

Does anyone else find the recent, um, thrust to sex up condoms a little ironic? Redundant then? The latest aesthetically enhanced condom gadget is a sleek new dispenser designed by Fuseproject for NYC condoms, which are free and available in lots of places in the city. The concept behind the design is actually a little weird.

To me, it looks like an alien hockey puck, or maybe a massive, smoothed out sweet tart. But here's the actual idea:

Reminiscent of a condom shape warped into the surface of one's leather wallet, the NYC Condom's approachable shape and friendly brand helps create an air of openness and acceptance, thus removing the stigma of the condom as something to be ashamed off.

Does anyone else see that? At all? And if you have a condom in your wallet for so long it warps it, is that horndog creepy? Or sad? Regardless, it's a great piece of work that smartly uses aesthetics to achieve its critical function, to promote condom use. [core77]

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