New MacBooks, Not MacBook Pros, Coming Tomorrow, Allegedly

Remember those rumours that AppleInsider was claiming a few hours ago? Well, if this picture we just got in the email is true, it may turn out that they are mistaken and there are no MacBook Pros coming tomorrow, but plain MacBooks:


According to this source, these are not the MacBook Pros you are looking for:

I just printed the inventory at FutureShop, the store I work at, and found new MacBooks... NOT MacBook Pros. The items are APPLE MACB MB402LL/A and MB403LL/A. I saw this posted in other places, but the prices is what will interest you. They're listed at 1149.99 and 1349.99. These are Canadian prices, mind you, so I imagine they'll be less in the states. Take a look at the picture, the two I'm mentioning are at the bottom.

Of course, Obi Kenobi here could have printed this out off Excel. And of course, there's always the possibility that we will see updated MacBooks and MacBook Pros. Who knows. Like always, remember our first rules of rumours: don't trust any of them.

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