Netgear HD/Video 5 GHz Wireless-N Kit Reviewed

PCMag got their hands on Netgear's new 802.11n streaming rig, the The Netgear HD/Video 5 GHz Wireless-N Networking Kit. Essentially a wireless bridge with access point (no router included), the setup is intended to enable full HD streaming room to room (for ethernet-enabled media devices) or just a better wireless gaming experience (so you don't get pwnd in Halo).

And after putting the system through field testing, PCMag decides they like it.

Even through transfer rates vary a bit over distance, the Netgear HD/Video's sustained speeds are a lot better than its 2.4 GHz counterparts.

Those who intend to use the system for home theater should know that the system's optimal transmission rate was from only 4.5 metres away, at which it could hit one-way transfer speeds from 82 to 94 Mbps. But from 13.5 mteres away and a floor between the two boxes, the system still managed to hit speeds ranging from 68 to 74 Mbps. That's still pretty good, and plenty fast to stream HD flicks without a problem. [pcmag via ehomeupgrade]

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