Moldable Mouse Lets You Shape Your Mouse, Small Fictional Friends

Mould%20Me%20Mouse%20GI.jpgLite-On Technology's Moldable Mouse may be the most exciting event to grace the humble PC mouse since you almost had sex with it three-years ago. (Bad times, eh?) The Moldable Mouse will allow you to shape your trusted mouse into any shape you choose, as it will be constructed of a "non-toxic lightweight modelling clay, covered with nylon and polyurethane blend fabric"

Yes, that means you could potentially have a limited-function lightsaber type pointer, but why stop there? You can finally mould a tiny little elf out of the Lite-On Moldable Mouse, use it to point at on-screen objects by day, and then make the doughy elf your own minuscule friend by night. That is what you have always wanted, right? A tiny elf friend/mouse? Oh, perhaps that's just us then... The Moldable Mouse is currently at concept stage, but given the fact it has already one the Red Dot design award, we shouldn't think it is too long before you are making obscene jokes with your desktop mouse. [Product Pageduct Wired]

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