Modu Mobile Phone Changes Function with Jackets

Modu's tiny mobile phone could be inserted into multiple "jackets" to change its function. Or better said, the Modu phone carries your data, giving your personality to whatever gadget you insert it into, GameBoy cartridge style. After seeing all the pictures of the different jackets and the announced prices, the video and the idea makes a lot more sense now.


As you can see, Modu can be operated on its own as a very simple cellphone or become a full-fledge multimedia phone, a portable media player, a car sound system, a full car GPS, a bike mini-GPS, a toaster or a fully armed, fully operational battle station. Maybe, not so sure about the latter. The video shows the Modu being inserted into a MacBook Pro and I wonder if it uses a standard ExpressCard connector to work its magic.

The concept of carrying a small module with basic communications capabilities, holding your personal data so all these other devices can change personality is attractive. Specially since some devices could be shared with other members of your family. On the other side, it could be the dumbest, biggest flop in mobile communication history.

In any case, we will be all over them like shareware. If only for the NES clickity-clack sound of getting Modu inside whatever jackets. The price is great too: US$200 for the basic module plus two jackets. The company says it plans to introduce other jackets for US$20 to US$60, which is quite an aggressive strategy. If they work well, collecting them may get more popular than picking Pokémons. [Modu via Business Week]

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