Meat-On-Stick-Surrounded-With-Starch Maker

Rarely do we lust so intensely over kitchen gadgets, but when they involve taking meat on a stick and coating it in grain-product deliciousness, all of our values are thrown out the window.

Similar to a waffle iron, the stainless steel "Crepe on a Stick or Waffle Dog Maker" by KegWorks offers precise temperature control up to 300°C to seal your favorite tube meat in a coating of waffle, crepe, that corn dog stuff or, for the more adventurous, chocolate cake batter (we freestyled with the cake mix part, but we're pretty sure it will work). The meat iron will run you US$339.00. And when you wake from your meat coma two weeks from now, it may cost your job and some friends as well.

AU: Good God! Would any Australian ever actually use something like this, or is it an American thing?

[amazon via popgadget]

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