MAKE Round-Up of 2008 Toy Fair

The guys over at MAKE had a great time at the 2008 Toy Fair, and their round-up post links to all the weird and wonderful things they found there. We've had a look, and collected some of their findings into a gallery. Check it out and you'll find matchstick architecture, VEX robotic bugs, 3D mazes, crystal-growth toys, chemical building-brick sets, and the faintly worrying (and historical) "Mysto Erector." [MAKE]

Matchitecture matchstick modelling,2VEX robotics sets, wf-fiMatchitecture matchstick modellingHaPe Quadrilla marble mazeScience Wiz educational sets, 2Khet Laser gamePrecision Modelwork's space capsules, 2Precision Modelwork's space capsulesVEX ugsSchoenhut toy musical instruments, 2Schoenhut toy musical instrumentsRC Art, remote-control drawingScience Wiz educational setsKhet Laser game, 2Bridge Street Toys Hydrodynamic setZome, Mathematical building set, for BuckyBalls and the likeAntworks glowing ant-farmMysto Erector Set, from National Toy Hall of FameZome, Mathematical building set, for BuckyBalls and the like, 2Antworks glowing ant-farm, 2Easy 360-degree lenses for kids (and grown-ups)Die-cut X-ray skeletonsRobotist BIOLOIDKristal Crystal GrowthHistoric Lego, from National Toy Hall of Fame

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