MacBook Pro First Benchmarks Are a Bit of a Disappointment

The first benchmarks on the new Penryn-based MacBooks are in. Primate Labs pitted the Meron-based 2007 models against them using the Geekbench tests, and the MBP 2008 2.4GHz model loses the battle against the MBP 2007 running at the same CPU speed.

According to Primate Labs, the overall performance in Geekbench is lower on the January 2008's MacBook Pro (with Intel Core 2 Duo T8300 running at 2.4GHz) than the June 2007 model (with Core 2 Duo T7700 at 2.4GHz) because the new machine "has less L2 cache than processor in the old MacBook Pro." However, they say that in theory the new Penryn-based notebook will give you more battery mileage as well as reduced heat at a lower price than the previous generation. [Primate Labs]

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