MacBook Air Fully Disassembled

Going a few steps further than we did, iFixit has fully disassembled the MacBook Air. Along the way, they have found quite a few curious findings about its components, from the actual size and weight of the screen to the number of screws used to hold everything together:

• The MacBook Air uses 88 screws. The back panel uses 10.
• It has 16 RAM chips in two columns of 8.

• The multitouch controller is exactly the same as the iPhone and iPod touch (go economies of scale).
• The LCD LED display is 3 millimeters.
• Entire LCD assembly is 465 grams.
• Drive has foam padding and rubber bumpers, like the iPod.

• Drive is the same as the one in the 80GB iPod classic.
• It has a 20mm speaker.

Head to iFixIt for all the shots. [iFixIt]

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