LIVRE, a Compromise on the E-book

While those who are born into a world of e-books won't miss much, there are a few generations of paper-readers who might still need some convincing. The LIVRE, a concept for a more tactile friendly e-book, first looks like a chunky version of Sony's Reader. But the design is actually fairly inspired.

Our favourite feature is that which we thought the most ludicrous upon first glance—that bulky case. But there's a method to the madness. The case is constructed of flexible silicon, an attempt to re-create the soft feel of a book and offer some tactile enjoyment to the sterile feel of e-books.

Also of note, the concept calls for multitouch page flicking. Of course, it's a cheap idea to throw into the design since, trust us, if e-paper/e-ink technology had anywhere near the response time to make touch controls feasible, Amazon and Sony would be on the trend in a heartbeat. [LIVRE via engadget]

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