Lightning Review: ezSpace UFO Surge Protector

The Gadget: The ezGear UFO, a relatively compact surge protector/power strip that holds six distinct AC adapters so they don't bump into each other.

The Price: US$39 (US$34 for a limited time)

The Verdict: Definitely worth it if you have a bunch of large and unwieldy AC adapters to plug into one port—say, if you were building yourself a home charging station for all your gadgets. The outlets are upside down because your chargers need to face downwards in order to have enough room to fit, but the slots are angled at such a way that gravity won't be pulling your bricks out of the socket.

At US$39 (US$34 with the special introductory special), it's US$30 cheaper than the similarly 6-ported PowerSquid, and takes up less room as well. You could get the US$13, 4-port PowerSquid, but you'd skip on the surge protection (which the UFO has). Would we spend our own money on this? Yes, yes we would. [EZGear]

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