Lightning in Block Form Adds to Desk Clutter, Looks Amazing

Lichtenberg figures are fantastic; they perfectly display branching electric charges that occur within, or on the surface of, certain insulating materials. Sure, that may sound like a whole load of boring, but check the image above to see why you are wrong—they look amazing. Popsci is hosting a video that shows you how to make your very own with some office supplies, a metal point and some shag carpeting.

Our wallets are far too bruised after Valentine's Day to actually buy a Lichtenberg figure, but as they look so cool, we'll give this a try. We totally understand that this sounds like a project your third grade science teacher may have tried to get you to pull off, but it's cool if you aren't forced to do it for homework—hurrah! Hit the link for the video, and be sure to let us know how you get on. [Popsci]

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