LEGO Electric Chair, Too Far?

Hey kids! Do you like Bionicle? Of course you do! Well then you are gonna love LEGO's rad new collection, Prisonicle! Take your friends Eddy (serial killer), Charly (LEGO thief) and Jeffrey (reformed serial killer who just wants to do his time and repent) to the LEGO electric chair and watch as they fry away in penance for past transgressions! What about the straps, you ask? There's no need! With LEGO, you just snap 'em in! Just don't sniff the fumes of melting LEGOs—sure they'll get you high—but they're toxic! Ewwww, stinkies!

Get 'em while they're hot!

lego7.jpglego01.jpglego6.jpglego03.jpglego5.jpglego 4.jpg

[labil via likecool via gizmowatch]

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