Knight Rider iPhone-Inspired Interior Officially Revealed

The new KITT's dashboard has been officially revealed, confirming the previously leaked image (in high resolution after the jump, along with a gratuitous—but necessary—photo of the new car and the Hoff at the Playboy Mansion) and Knight Rider's producer David Bartis' words about the interior design's similarities with the iPhone:

You look at the iPhone and you go—thats the coolest phone out there. It's just a flat screen that you can touch and access anything. So the iPhone interface was actually a big inspiration for the way the interior of this car would look because its very simple, it's very streamlined, it's very clean.


Looks like Bartis is right: aluminum on leather, check. Touchscreen, check. Glossy surfaces, check. Simplicity, check. Almost no knobs, except the new driver, who makes the Hoff looks like Olivier, Marlon Brando, Pacino and DeNiro combined, check. Voice spectrometer that look like an iTunes's visualiser? Check. Apple Bluetooth keyboard? Not checked, but looks like it. What do you think? Is it really iPhone-inspired?

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