Kaneda Motorbike is Not as Mighty as Jason Chen, Still Kicks-Ass

Check out this Kaneda-esque motorcycle. Sure, you're thinking it is great mod, but apparently it is a fully licensed machine that is completely road legal, (in Japan at least.) Due to the Japanese text of the home site, we aren't too sure of the exact details of the underlying motorbike, but just take a look at it. Not being allowed Choosing to not ride a motorcycle stings more each day. For an undisclosed sum, you could be the envy of the Gizmodo staff by purchasing the pictured vehicle from Neo Fukuoka, and we certainly would be immature if we made a joke based on the phonetics of the name Fukuoka. We shall refrain, but just so you know; syllable number one is a blast. Jump for another picture of the beast we wished we had between our legs.

akirabike2%20GI.jpgJason Chen would like to add that the beast he has between his legs is far mightier, and permanently attached, whatever that means. [Neo Fukuoka via Hell For Leather]

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