I'd Rather Live in the Old Disney "House of the Future" Than the New One

Here's two visions of our future home. One has wall-sized TVs, lots of plastic wares and all-electric grooming tools. The other, touchscreens everywhere, smart kitchen counters and auto-thermostats.

The first is Disney's vision of now back in 1957, the second, its re-vision of the House of the Future with Lifeware, HP and Microsoft, which is debuting this May in Tomorrowland. We've more or less seen it every year at CES , and it's not really all that fantastical or jaw-dropping. I didn't feel teleported to some technological paradise that I couldn't wait to blast through years of icky time to get to, anyway.

Give me wall-sized super HDTVs, plastic toilet paper and genuinely exciting, if tacky and the over the top, futuretastic baubles over intelligent lights and DRM'd furniture from Microsoft any day. (Now, or in the future.) [AP]

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