Hyundai's Slim Bad-Ass Provia A7 GPS Has Gaming, "Navi-In-Picture" TV

The Provia A7, developed by Hyundai Telematics, is even more souped-up than its predecessor, the horny-making A1. It starts with a slim 7" 800 x 480 LCD, adds an animated touch interface, then packs in navigation, simultaneous reception of T-DMB TV and TPEG traffic and other data, a removable battery and a freakin' gaming system...with game controller! It's all in the video, with catchy "Mappy" theme song, below.

Hyundai Provia A7 shows Navi-in-Picture (NIP) with DMB TV broadcastHyundai Provia A7 as game consoleHyundai Provia A7 has removable faceplates

You can even watch TV while navigating—state and federal law permitting—using NIP, that is, "Navi In Picture." Did I mention it's also got a handsome leather jacket and stylish interchangeable face plates? Trust me, I'm not usually this jazzed about most of the transglobal jetsam that probably won't make it to the US. Somehow, this time, it's different. []
Give the video below a second to load.

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