How to Make the New Knight Rider LED Scanner

The most recognisable signature of the Knight Rider car KITT (besides its bulletproof body, turbo boost and smarmy Mr. Feeney voice) is its evil red LED scanner. Muscle Car Blog has the info on how the new KITT's LED scanners work.

Turns out it's made up out of 480 distinct LEDs, arranged in three rows of 80 in each row, then divided up into two sides. The idea, similar to the original, was to make the lights look like a heartbeat. We call unrealistic to this, because if they really were going to model the car's heartbeat on Val Kilmer, the new voice of KITT, it would be flashing about 180 times a minute based on how much weight Ice Man's gained in the past five years. [Muscle Car Blog via Jaloppers]

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