How Adrenaline Junkies Eat Dinner

dinnerinthesky.jpgI love heights. I stare out the window for takeoffs and landings when I'm flying. I walk right up to cliffs edges when I'm bushwalking and look over the drop. If there was a job I could see myself doing other than writing for Giz, it would probably be a stunt pilot. But I would never do this. Ever.

Dinner in the Sky gets you and 21 of your mates or work colleagues, straps you into a swivel chair connected to a big-ass table, then hoists you up 50 metres from the ground while you eat a meal. Just don't drop a steak knife onto unsuspecting passersby beneath you.

Waiters walk through the middle of the rectangular table to serve you food and wine. Which you'll need plenty of, considering your chair practically hangs over the open air.

It's not cheap - the whole thing starts at about 8,500 Euro, excluding VAT (about $14,100), with extras like photographers available. And if you're going to drop that kind of cash on dinner, you're going to pay the extra for a photographer, aren't you?

The website has videos of people crazy enough to try this out, for those of you crazy enough to be interested in something like this.

[Dinner In the Sky - Thanks Ben]

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