Hands-On Samsung's F480 Prada Phone Knockoff (Verdict: I'll Pass)

Samsung's F700 and F300 are joined by the F480, a pretty clear knockoff of the LG Prada (down to the fake leather case). I find its touchscreen implementation rough, even if it's improved from Samsung's previous handsets. Overall, I'll pass, especially at the proposed European price of 350 to 400 Euros (~$565 to $646)

The phone has a slightly smaller 2.8 screen at 240 x 320, it has quad band, 3G (but not the US flavors), haptic feedback on the touchscreen and a 5MP camera. It also has a limited set of widgets for the front page, including a birthday reminder, world times and that's pretty much it. (It's not open source, so you can't add to it, or write your own, either.) The phone's touchscreen supports swipes through menus, but in the opposite fashion you're used to on the iPhone. (Swiping down moves the cursor down, not up, as you can see in the video.)