Handmaking Of Digital Trumpet Time Lapse Video Inspires Trumpet Blowing Envy

Despite having a deep infatuation with a wide range of music, sadly, for me, it's an unrequited love. You see, I have the musical talent of a one-armed baboon, with the exception that a one-armed baboon could probably make a sweeter sound from its glowing red bubble butt than I could with all the musical assistance in the world.

But it's this one-sided love affair that gets me strangely excited by this time-lapse video of a digital trumpet being handmade. Not only all the intricate wiring that goes inside, but the sleek black body looks fantastic as well. And who would have thought that you could get awesome blue LED lighting in an instrument? It's probably a recipe for musical crimes against nature, but I think I'm going to have to get me one of these.

Hit the jump for a vid of trumpet maestro James Morrison jamming on his digital trumpet.

[Morrison Digital Trumpets - Thanks Stephen!]

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