Google Searches For Movie Times, Hoyts Dies a Little Inside

Google movie times.png

Is there anything Google won't do? They've just announced that you can now search for movie times straight from the Australian Google Homepage. All you need to do is type in a movie title and a location and the first search result back will give you a list of all the cinemas in the selected area playing that film, as well as session times.

If you're not sure what movie you want to watch, simply typing in movies and the suburb will give you a list of what's on in the area, as well as a star rating (gathered from online reviews of the film), plus a link to a map of the cinema.

It's a handy tool for the big G to add to its arsenal of services, and will be especially useful on mobile devices, where you really don't want to be accessing the content heavy cinema sites. The perverts among you will also be disappointed to learn that it only covers mainstream theatres, not those dingy back alley ones.


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