Gizmodo Readers Love Their Mums

Two days ago I posted a kinda funny email that my mum had sent to me in which she, quite logically I might add, asked if Blu-ray televisions existed to play all those Blu-ray movies.

Many of you good sons and daughters out there understood the situation, relating some funny-to-geek stories and comments of your own. Here were my favourites, along with some of my mum's. (Yeah, Valentine's Day may not be the day you're thinking about your mum, but we thought we'd cramp your style).

This is so far past my mum, who can't (won't) even operate an ATM. She drives 20 miles, hands me her card and drives us to the bank. She refuses to even learn, she says "Why? Thats what you're for."

"Screw Blu-Ray. What is it?" - Mum
I share her sentiment :P

My mother has sent me several emails like this. My favourite was actually a phone conversation, where she described that she was suffering from "Sticky-M-Key." She wanted to know if there was a good way to disassemble the keyboard to fix it. I told her she probably could, but it would be easier to buy a new keyboard. Her next comment surprised me more then a little, as she said "don't they cost like $300?!"

Your mum can send an email?

"even bad men love their mummas...."

[My mom will]call me to ask me for a refresher on how to email. Once, she called me freaking out because she was on my Dad's computer and "EVERYTHING JUST WENT BLANK!" Turns out she hit the power button on the monitor.
Even thinking about the wires behind a television is pretty much beyond her. She's a hell of a doctor though :)

I'm jealous that your mum can send email. My mum "quit email." I'm not sure if that means she quit the internet provider, or just stopped using it.

Here's a story on my mum- last year I finally got the parents online. While walking her through the basics, she kept running out of room on her mouse-pad, so I said, mum, you know you can pick it up and move it back to where you need it- what does she do- she picks the mouse up and starts waving it over her head and says, "Rob, this isn't working either"- i couldn't help it, i fell off my chair laughing... after I explained it to her, she had a good laugh too- and we continue to laugh- i love being her 24-7 IT Department.

And by the way, my mum loved all the comments. Thanks.
- Mark

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