First Video of Elmo Live Singing and Dancing Shows He Got Skillz

Holy crap, I want this Elmo, and I don't even like Sesame Street. It makes Pleo look like a dumb hunk of plastic. The ways it moves and interacts is incredible—it tells stories, sings songs, dances and is simply the most expressive toy we've ever seen. It even yells out "Jazz Hands!" when he finish performing his newest rap hit, "Elmo's Gotta Get On Up." More information and videos after the jump.

Elmo LiveElmo LiveElmo LiveElmo LiveElmo LiveElmo LiveElmo Live

His moves are smooth and funky, his style reminds us of hip-hop's old school pioneers, and his biggest fan is a mad scientist.

Poor Elmo. He tries out for the Borscht Belt comedy circuit, and fails miserably. His joke falls so flat, you can even hear crickets chirping.

Here Elmo tells a "story of woe" involving a scary giant. It isn't the most engaging tale we've heard, but it gives the little red monster a chance to show off a lot of expression. Our new red-furred overlords invade Oct. 14 for $59.99. — Matt Buchanan & Benny Goldman [Fisher-Price]

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