Energizer "On Demand" Home Lighting Products Work When the Power is Out

It appears that the Energizer bunny can keep going even when the power is out thanks to a new line of "Light on Demand" products that feature a wireless, removable, low-power LED light stick. Each one of these sticks includes a backup rechargeable battery pack that will kick in in the event of a power outage. More info after the break.

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Unlike many of the backup lighting solutions out there, some of the 7 available products in the On Demand lineup are built for everyday usage. That, combined with the wireless factor would make them an attractive choice. Plus, in an emergency situation, the lights can be removed and utilised as a flashlight. No pricing information has been released, but the devices will be available in Target starting this month with a full release slated for the summer. [Energizer via PR Newswire via Gadget Review]

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