It's Raining Pants: Clothesline Concept To Change The World

The new "air-line" concept from student designer Daniel Fitzgerald and Dyson offers an eco-friendly and space-saving solution to drying your clothes thanks to a design that functions using the movement of air along with solar heat. In other words, it is a solar-powered clothesline. The one big technological development comes in the form of intelligent sensors that precisely dry your clothes and stop the flow of naturally heated air when the moisture content in the clothes reaches zero. So, theoretically, your clothes should stay nicer longer. UPDATE: Dyson is not officially involved with this concept, they merely affiliate with the group who holds the Australian Design Awards.

Plus, your unmentionables will be protected from perverts and prying eyes thanks to a shade that blocks the view but not the drying power of Mother Earth. I don't know how popular this sort of thing would be, but if it ever sees the light of day as an actual product, it could definitely find a home wherever cramped living conditions force city dwellers to look for smaller, cheaper home appliances. [Design Awards via ecofriend via Wired]

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