Dual Pizza Oven Delivers Cheezy Deliciousness in 90 Seconds

Even if Domino's is allowing you to track your pizza, the bottom line is that I'm hungry now (and I would like to avoid tapeworm). For the most impatient among us, this Dual Pizza Oven could have us eating two 12" pizzas in 90 seconds or less.

In order to achieve this feat, the oven heats up to 790 degrees and it features roof-mounted 1,440-watt coil heating elements and ceramic pizza stones to ensure thorough, even cooking. The only problem is that the 90 second figure does not take frozen pizzas into account. Still, with that kind of power, it will probably cook a frozen pizza pretty damn fast—and with higher quality than a microwave. Plus, at US$249, it doesn't come cheap. [Hammacher via DVICE]

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