Did the Infamous Canburger Start Out as an Art Project?

Does art imitate life or does life imitate art? That's one of many, many questions that arose in my mind when I saw this art exhibit in France that's made up of 10,000 "Canburgers." And no, these aren't just purchased from the place we found the originals in, they were specially commissioned by the artist, Mike Bouchet. And it just went up a month ago. What. The. Hell. Let's unravel this mystery, super sleuths.


I think there's got to be some connection between this exhibit and the for-sale canburgers, as the exhibit says that Bouchet contacted a meat-canning company in Germany to develop the product for him, and the original canburger is sold from a German site. Could it be that the canburger was initially dreamt up as some sort of commentary on sustainable food but was deemed to be such a swell idea that the German company just ran with it?

That would explain why such a ridiculous item was unceremoniously placed up for sale on an otherwise-straightforward camping food site, wouldn't it? I mean, once they figured out how to make such a product for the artist, why wouldn't they offer it up for sale?

Or maybe two different people came up with the idea for a cheeseburger in a can at the same time. Either way. [Galerie Vallois]

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