Converting Ugly, Practical Cities to Beautiful, Illogical Utopias

What would happen if you converted the downtown of a small or mid-sized city to an eco-friendly wonderland, with open waterways and no cars to be seen? Well, you'd have an impractical fantasy on your hands, for one thing. That didn't stop Ecocity Builders from doing some pretty sweet concept designs for how they would convert the above suburban hellscape into a tree-stuffed utopia.

crappycityafter.jpgThey say in order to make such a striking transformation they'd need to tackle "restructuring while recycling building materials, digging up once-buried natural waterways, adding pedestrian infrastructure and building upon a transition to "mixed uses" and "balanced development" in which the important activities are provided for within a short distance."

They'd also donate all the cars that used to be on the road to the currently carless dolphin population of our planet's oceans, and people would be transported from their homes to these city centers on the wings of wishes and fairydust. But hey, it sure looks nice, doesn't it? [Ecocity Builders via io9]

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