Collapsible Surfboard Concept Brings Meccano Fun to Water Sports

So, you like surfing, but your apartment and car are not big enough for a full-sized board. What's the solution, I hear you ask. Sure, you could take up a new sport, or you could get yourself a Collapsible Surfboard. Designed by Nicholas Notara, who wanted to achieve portability without compromising functionality, the frame is made of carbon fiber, and the whole board is taken apart in three easy moves:

collapsible_surf2%20GI.jpgSimply remove the two pins and pull the central lever. Users can also adapt the board according to their needs, all thanks to the set of hot-swappable fins. It is a shame then that this is just a concept, but due to the likelihood of losing of itty-bitty board parts, perhaps that's for the best. Hit the link for two swanky close-up shots. [Yanko Design]

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