Cheeseburger in a Can Reviewed

cheeseburger_in_a_can.JPGCuriosity is at an all time high about the Cheeseburger in a Can. Does it taste good? Will I die if I eat it? Thanks to one brave soul who put his life on the line for canned cuisine, we now know the answers to these questions and more. First off it is fairly expensive at 3.95 EUR (around $8) and it takes about 10 minutes to cook in a "bai-marie" (double boiler). It can also be cooked out of the can or eaten cold (ewww).


As for the look and smell, the reviewer had this to say: "It really looks tasty and it doesn't smell like dog food!" Alright, so far, so good. But what about the taste? As you may have gathered from the image above, you will not be having any Harold and Kumar burgergasms when you bite into it. Again, the reviewer chimes in: "It tastes... not so good. Very bland, kind of like pre-made tomato sauce and a bitter aftertaste." Plus, the lower bun was soggy which "lowered the overall experience."

The bottom line: The reviewer would eat "this thing again if it weren't so expensive." And he didn't die or even get sick—which is always a plus. He also felt that the overall quality was similar to a McDonalds cheeseburger, which is really saying something. That having been said, it would probably be like fine caviar if you are out in the wild with little to eat. [Something Awful Forums]

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